Bitcoin Argentina NGO to impart education on the crypto to high school students

Bitcoin Argentina, an NGO committed to the growth and promotion of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the country, announced the launch of a project ‘School and Bitcoins’ to educate high school students about Bitcoin, according to reports.. The project would impart knowledge about the importance of Bitcoin and the differences between this digital money and the traditional fiat finance structure. This project is a continuation of the earlier pilot project. This is the first-of-its kind initiative in Latam, reported.
The project would works towards achieving these goals:
– It aims to reach out to more than 4000 high school students, with classes and the content of this Bitcoin course to be adapted to each of the regions where these classes will be held.
– The content will be changed according to the various schools and keeping in mind the diversity of the country. The material will be framed and introduced according to the context, Jimena Vallone, the Project manager of Schools and Bitcoin said.
– The core material of will however remain the same, wherein the student will be taught and introduced to the transparent, open, inclusive, traceable and secure traits of Bitcoin.
– The project has been launched in partnership with ‘Built with Bitcoin’ which is a US-based humanitarian organization committed to providing clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support, all powered by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
– The project is also a continuation of the pilot project launched earlier in which both students and teachers showed a lot of interest in learning about Bitcoin.
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