Vyant Bio Shares In Bitcoin

Here at CryptocurrenciesChannel.com, we find it interesting to track various ETF and stock prices versus various digital assets over time.

We noticed that as of 5/15/2022, Bitcoin ($BTC) can buy you the most amount of Vyant Bio shares, in the past year. For example, if you had 1 Bitcoin coin and wished to buy shares of VYNT(Symbol: VYNT) with the proceeds, you would now be able to buy 45201.52 shares of VYNT. That’s versus a low amount of 8045.70 shares over the trailing twelve months. Here’s how this relationship looks charted, over the past year:

The main driver of the above bar chart has, of course, been the performance of Vyant Bio shares, relative to the performance of Bitcoin; and here’s how the two compare over the past year on a total return basis:

VYNT Returns Vs. Bitcoin

Check out our Bitcoin historical price chart and Vyant Bio vs Crypto pages for additional charts.
Note that any stock splits and/or dividends are included when we calculate the VYNT returns.

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