What types of crypto are there?

Slow down! We’re getting to it. So you have bitcoin, ethereum, and when you hear altcoin it can refer to any other crypto. You also have moonshots which are usually very new, super niche coins, worth fractions of a penny. They’re called moonshots because if you buy a few quid’s worth of one and it rockets (see what we did there) in value, you could easily see yourself turn that small sum you dropped into thousands of pounds.

So that’s the different types in terms of size. Bitcoin and ethereum, then altcoins, then moonshots (which are the smaller altcoins that people are hoping will become a much bigger altcoin). However, beyond all of this, there are different types of crypto based on their functions.

There are crypto coins (within these you have slightly different types), crypto tokens (again, there’s a few types), NFT-supporting coins (like algorand, which has a platform people can make NFTs on), stablecoins (such as tether), and memecoins (the most popular being doge) among others. They all have different primary functions, but all of them use and are created on a blockchain of some sort, whether they’re the native coin of a blockchain like the coin ether is with ethereum, or not as with the token shiba inu, which was built using ethereum.

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