Whatever Happened To The Bitcoin Pizza Guy?

Sturdivant, who was simply referred to as the alias “jercos” on the BitcoinTalk community forum, was a 19-year-old student when he came across the unusual request. Sturdivant himself doesn’t appear on the forum chat, but he told Bitcoin Who’s Who that the conversation with Hanyecz happened on Internet Relay Chat (IRC). He added that the bitcoin he received in exchange for the delivery of two pizzas was later used to finance his U.S. travel plans. 

“It seemed fair for both parties, low-risk, and well, who doesn’t like some kind of pizza?” Sturdivant was quoted as saying. In his own words, Sturdivant’s Bitcoin holdings also helped him buy games apart from supporting his travels. More importantly, he claims that he has no regrets over the turn of events and that he was content with the fact he inadvertently played a pioneering role in our collective history.

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